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ICOMOS NC Estonia: Heritage and Rights training course and seminar

ICOMOS Estonia, Estonian Academy of Arts and University of Tartu, ICOMOS Norway and The Norwegian Centre of Human Rights, University of Oslo, in cooperation with Environmental Board and Heritage Board of Estonia

Heritage and Rights training course and seminar: cooperation between state, community and individual in the governance and management of heritage to empower communities, the sustainable development goals.
Target group: representatives of the heritage communities, owners, public authorities, experts, students of Nordic and Baltic countries, ICOMOS “Common Dignity” working group members, invited guests.

„OUR COMMON DIGNITY“ public seminars:
May 2th  “Heritage and rights”. Theoretical questions of Community-Based Heritage protection and Rights-based approaches. In Estonian Academy of Arts main building.
May 5th “Empowerment of heritage communities”. Challenges of cooperation between state, community and individuals in the governance and management of heritage. In Lahemaa National Park Centre, Palmse Manor complex.

“OUR COMMON DIGNITY” training course:
May 2-5th Our common dignity – heritage and rights training course. How to apply human rights-based approaches (HRBA) to cultural heritage management to balance the rights and duties of the owners and the communities. In various places in Tallinn and Lahemaa National Park.
May 1 and May 6 Field trips to Tallinn and Lahemaa National Park Heritage communities. Practical cases.
May 1 ICOMOS “Our common Dignity” working group meeting, preparation RB approach guidelines. ICOMOS International, invited experts.

Training is targeted to the participants from Nordic and Baltic countries. Please register Your participation here:
Other interested please contact

For all information, see leaflet attached.
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ICOMOS ISC SBH (Shared built heritage): Study Trip

The next project will be a Study Tour with meetings and workshops in Maroc in connection with the Annual General Assembly in Marrakesch 12-20 Oct. 2019. After a thorough consultation of the National Committee of ICOMOS Marroco, two of our members who have worked in the region, Dr. Ai Tee Goh (ICOMOS Malaysia) and Dr. Romeo Carabelli (ICOMOS France and Italy) kindly agreed to organize a study trip on “Shared Built Heritage Management” with many encounters between local colleagues and stakeholders along with ICOMOS Marroco. Encounters and discussions are requested from NGOs, Associations, Journalists, Urban Planning Offices, Heritage Consultants, Universities and ICOMOS colleagues. The tour will start in Marrakesh and ends in Mellila, from where one could catch a flight to Malaga or Madrid, Spain, to Marrakesh or Fes, or a Ferry to Malaga, Spain. Transportation in the country will be with public transportation (Busses, Train and High Speed Train, Cars) In order to make it possible for you to reserve the time and to promote a rich participation, we present you a draft for the study trip. So far, in addition to the two organizers, 6 colleagues have already expressed their interest. A total of 20 person would be fine. Immediately after the conclusion of the Annual General Assembly the tour will start on Oct.20th and will end on Oct.31st2019. See newsletter attached for more information (page 3 to 6). Contact : Prof. Dr. Siegfried RCT Enders, ICOMOS SBH President
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ICOMOS NC South Korea: 20th Anniversary Scientific Symposium

Organised by ICOMOS South Korea In commemoration of the 20 years of ICOMOS Korea, a celebration and a scientific symposium will be held. The symposium is made up of three sessions, “Past 20 years: Reflections on the activities of the ICOMOS Korea”, “Future 20 years: Prospects of the activities of the ICOMOS Korea”, and “Discussion”. Official contact: ; 82-2-720-4867 Official website: ;
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ICOMOS NC South Korea: 1st ICOMOS Forum: “The Rural Landscape Heritage in Korea”

Organised by ICOMOS South Korea The 1st ICOMOS Forum of the four-time forum held in a year in Korea. A special Forum to commemorate the ICOMOS International Day for Monuments and Sites with the theme of “The Rural Landscape Heritage in Korea”. Open to the general public as well as the experts in related fields including the ICOMOS members. Official contact: ; 82-2-720-4867 Official website: ;
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ICOMOS ISCEAH (Earthern Architectural Heritage): First International Workshop on Earthen Architecture, World Heritage City of Yazd: Conservation Problems and Challenges

Organised by Yazd University, Yazd Municipality and ICOMOS-ISCEAH. Yazd Workshop website: Coordination: Rasool Vatandoust (, ISCEAH member & TERRA 2003 general coordinator. Programme: see attachment
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Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco: XXI General Assembly and International Symposium: “Heritage as a Builder of Peace 2019”

The intercultural dialogue is widely recognized for its strategic role in building the conditions for the development in peaceful coexistence. The world is more and more interconnected but it does not mean that individuals and societies really live together. Today there is more information, technology and knowledge available than ever before. All this allows people to move, travel and visit cultural and natural heritage sites all over the world; but our wisdom will help us to grasp the opportunities offered by the encounters among multicultural visitors attracted by heritage for advancing intercultural dialogue across the world. Intercultural dialogue, in its turn, will extend the impact of heritage on the “UNESCO International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures (2013 – 2022)” and will extend the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Which role the international community of heritage conservators, urban planners, architects, travel and hospitality operators, world heritage sites managers, local traditional and typical producers can play? Three thematic sessions: • “Cultural Expressions of Territories” • “World Heritage Sites for Dialogue 2019” • “Heritage for Planet Earth 2019” Official contact Simone Giometti (Secretary General Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco) Official website
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