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ICOMOS NC Germany: Conference “Promoting Europe’s Cultural Heritage and Cultural Diversity – Who? How? Whit Whom?

Message from organisers on 23/03/2020:
“Due to the current pandemic, no postponement of theplanned kick-off event PROMOTING EUROPE’S CULTURAL HERITAGE AND CULTURALDIVERSITY – WHO? HOW? WITH WHOM? is planned for the EU Presidency of theFederal Republic of Germany. Rather, we are currently examining alternative formsof communication (webinars, video conferences, etc.) in case a personal meetingof experts and interested parties from all over Europe in Karlsruhe would notbe possible or not justifiable due to continued travel restrictions or healthrisks.”

The expert discussion is intended to provide information and knowledge transfer onmonument promotion programs and other heritage-related funding tools at theEuropean level and at national and regional levels. Also, the meeting is toprovide a professional statement from the conservation and restoration partyand to articulate expectations from the conservator’s and restorer’s sideregarding the continuation of funding structures and selection criteria ofpublic and non-profit grant programs.
Organizers: ICOMOS Germany, the Associationof Regional State Conservators (Landesdenkmalpfleger), the Association ofregional State Archaeologists (Verband der Landesarchäologen) in the FederalRepublic of Germany, represented by the Baden-Württemberg State Office forMonument Preservation, and the working group Municipal Heritage Management ofthe Deutscher Städtetag (German Association of Cities and Towns).Sponsored by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.
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ICOMOS NC Germany: European Heritage Day in Germany

On the European Heritage Day, also known as Day of the Open Monument, numerous monuments which are usually closed to the public open their doors to visitors. In Germany the event takes place on the second weekend of September and for the public. As in 2019 the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus will be celebrated, this year’s German motto will be “Chance Monument: Remember. Received. Rethinking.” and more than 5000 monuments will be accessible to millions of visitors.

Organizers: A vast network of public and private heritage owners, of institutions,associations and citizen groups has been built up in the last 25 years by theGerman Foundation of Monument Protection (Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz –DSD)

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ICOMOS NC Germany: Conference “Archaelogical World Heritage Sites – cross-boarder conservation, communication and cooperation”

Transnational World Heritage sites and the management of colonialheritage (shared archaeological heritage) can serve as models for cooperations.With this in mind in particular, a Europe-wide exchange with national andinternational organisations is to be sought and developed. Organisers: ICOMOS Germany, German Archaeological Institute (DAI), the Association of regional State Archaeologists(Verband der Landesarchäologen) in the Federal Republic of Germany, EAA(European Association of Archaeologists), ICAHM (International Comittee onArchaeological Heritage Management. Sponsored by the Federal GovernmentCommissioner for Culture and the Media
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ICOMOS NC Germany: Conference “The Fragment in the Digital Age”

Thetreatment of the fragment has always depended on the respective social contextand the taste of contemporary times – this is still true today: between the twopoles of complete restoration on one side and the preservation of thefragmentary state on the other, there are the most diverse possibilities ofreal or virtual reintegration, based on different theoretical principles.

This conference focusses on what the new digitalpossibilities mean for the preservation and mediation of the historicalfragment.    
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“Towards a Sustainable Future: Managing Change in Historic Urban Areas and the Surrounding Landscape”

The Defence Line of Amsterdam and the proposed extension the New Dutch Water Line are organising an international meeting to get answers on the question how to deal with urban and/or development pressure on the city/landscape of World Heritage properties, like for example the Defence Line of Amsterdam.

More information and registration:

More information you can find in the invitation letter by the Chair of the Dutch Water Defence Lines Committee;  the draft programme of the meeting and the background paper. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Mr Rein Kruk:
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Dep. of European and International Affairs and Directorate General of Heritage of the French Min. of Culture, with the participation of ICOMOS International Secretariat : International seminar on Rock Art and World Heritage in Sub-Saharan Africa

Le Département des affaires européennes et internationales et la Direction générale des patrimoines du Ministère de la Culture organisent avec la participation du Secrétariat international le 31 mars 2020 à l’Institut national du patrimoine, à Paris, un séminaire international sur l’art rupestre et le patrimoine mondial en Afrique subsaharienne.

 L’objectif du séminaire sera d’exposer les défis, les enjeux de recherche, de conservation, de protection et de gestion durable des sites que peuvent susciter de tel type de bien. Cette journée sera l’occasion de partager les bonnes pratiques sur ces questions, à travers des cas concrets de biens d’Afrique subsaharienne déjà inscrits sur la Liste du patrimoine mondial ou bien sur les listes indicatives.

 L’inscription au séminaire est obligatoire et gratuite dans la limite des places disponibles. Vous pouvez adresser votre demande à Caroline Gaultier-Kurhan, chargée de mission pour les musées et les patrimoines africains :

Veuillez trouver en document-joint le programme complet du séminaire.

The Department of European and International Affairs and the Directorate General of Heritage of the French Ministry of Culture are organizing an international seminar on Rock Art and World Heritage in Sub-Saharan Africa on 31 March 2020 at the National Heritage Institute in Paris.

 The objective of the seminar will be to present the challenges and issues of research, conservation, protection and sustainable management of sites that can arise from this type of property. This seminarwill be an opportunity to share good practices on these issues, through concrete cases of sub-Saharan African properties already inscribed on the WorldHeritage List or on the Tentative Lists.

 Registration for the seminar is free but compulsory within the limit of available places. You can send your request to CarolineGaultier-Kurhan, Officer for African Museums and Heritage at the FrenchMinistry of Culture:

 Please find attached the complete seminar program.

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Climate Heritage Network at the 10th Session of the World Urban Forum

Organised by Climate Heritage Network during WUF10 (10th Session of World Urban Forum).

– Presenting the new ICOMOS publication “The Future of our Past: Engaging Cultural Heritage in Climate Action” that comprehensively outlines how the core considerations of cultural heritage intersect with the ambitions of the Paris Agreement.
– Announcing next steps of Climate Heritage Network.

Speakers at the even are expected to include the following CHN members:

  • Eric Huybrecht, Institut d’aménagement et d’urbanisme d’Ile-de-France
  • Yunus Arikan, ICLEI
  • Shipra Narang Suri, UN Habitat
  • Jordi Pascal, UCLG Culture Committee
  • Veronica Arias, CC35
  • Julianne Polanco, CHN Co-Chair, State of California Office of Historic Preservation
  • Andrew Potts, ICOMOS, CHN Secretariat

More information:
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ICOMOS ISC SBH (Shared Built Heritage): Annual Meeting

ICOMOS ISC SBH (Shared Built Heritage) annual business meeting, presentations about theGardens and SBH member snap shots from around the world.
Open to all SBH members and interested guests
When: Saturday 3 October 2020 at 18:30
(as part of the ICOMOS 2020 General Assembly and Scientific Symposium -GA2020).  Joins us afterwards for dinner in nearby Sydney China Town.

Official contacts:  Sue Jackson-Stepowski Vice President ISCSBH , Siegfried Enders President ISC SBH (, John Ward Secretary General ISC SBH 


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