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ICOMOS NC Estonia: Heritage and Rights training course and seminar

1 May 2019 – 6 May 2019 all-day
Estonian Academy of Arts main building

ICOMOS Estonia, Estonian Academy of Arts and University of Tartu, ICOMOS Norway and The Norwegian Centre of Human Rights, University of Oslo, in cooperation with Environmental Board and Heritage Board of Estonia

Heritage and Rights training course and seminar: cooperation between state, community and individual in the governance and management of heritage to empower communities, the sustainable development goals.
Target group: representatives of the heritage communities, owners, public authorities, experts, students of Nordic and Baltic countries, ICOMOS “Common Dignity” working group members, invited guests.

„OUR COMMON DIGNITY“ public seminars:
May 2th  “Heritage and rights”. Theoretical questions of Community-Based Heritage protection and Rights-based approaches. In Estonian Academy of Arts main building.
May 5th “Empowerment of heritage communities”. Challenges of cooperation between state, community and individuals in the governance and management of heritage. In Lahemaa National Park Centre, Palmse Manor complex.

“OUR COMMON DIGNITY” training course:
May 2-5th Our common dignity – heritage and rights training course. How to apply human rights-based approaches (HRBA) to cultural heritage management to balance the rights and duties of the owners and the communities. In various places in Tallinn and Lahemaa National Park.
May 1 and May 6 Field trips to Tallinn and Lahemaa National Park Heritage communities. Practical cases.
May 1 ICOMOS “Our common Dignity” working group meeting, preparation RB approach guidelines. ICOMOS International, invited experts.

Training is targeted to the participants from Nordic and Baltic countries. Please register Your participation here:
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