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29 September 2020 all-day
Day2: Decolonising Nigeria’s Heritage: Policies, Restitution and Other Strategies

Decolonisation of heritage has generated lots of discourse both internationally and nationally,
and arguably it has led to a series of ground-breaking changes in the operation and
management of heritage. Repatriation of artefacts, for instance, represents the change where
artefacts that were looted or taken during the colonial periods are returned to the country of
origin or former owners. Various strategies are also implemented in various context to address
the issues of coloniality of heritage. The experience of Nigeria with colonisation, therefore,
positions the discourse as relevant to the shared heritage and identity of individuals and

Our focus bears on the increasing pressure on museums, heritage sites and related
organisations to ‘decolonise’ their practices, be community-centred and recognise the right of
the indigenous communities in engaging with heritage. The webinar seeks to deepen the
decolonisation discourse through interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral perspectives about new
practices, approaches and strategies to manage colonial collections.

Four panellists from various disciplines discourse issues relating but not limited to: Can Nigeria
museums and heritage organisations be decolonised?; How are heritage sites that speak to
the complexities of colonisation be interpreted in a way that respects and advocates for the
perspectives and rights of indigenous communities in Nigeria? How can repatriation of
artefacts be leveraged for sustainable development of the communities connected to the
artefacts? How can indigenous knowledge and practices be better managed? What are the
technological risks and opportunities involved as the country seek to digitize and integrate new
technologies into the management of heritage?

10:00am – 11:30am (Nigeria time)
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The event will also be streamed live on Facebook (@ICOMOSNigeria).