An International Scientific Committee of


Membership of ICICH is open to all suitably qualified and experienced members of ICOMOS. Members must be able to demonstrate expertise and experience in any field associated with protection, maintenance and conservation of in the field of the intangible heritage values of heritage places cultural spaces, and sites, representing all the world regions.

General Provisions for Members:

  • ICICH will include the most recognised experts in this field and seeks to foster young and beginning professionals seeking this specialisation.
  • All ICICH members are expected to be familiar with the Statement of Ethical Commitment adopted by ICOMOS in Madrid in 2002, and abide by it at all times.
  • New members are admitted to ICICH via a decision of its Bureau; approval of membership may not be refused without justification.
  • The categories of members for ICICH will consist of the following, each with specific rights and responsibilities.

Membership Categories:

  • ICICH provides for the following categories of membership, which are described further in the following text.
  • Expert Members
  • Associate Members
  • Affiliate Members (non-ICOMOS members and / or Institutional members)
  • Honorary Members

Expert Members:

  • Shall be members of ICOMOS engaged in activities associated with and having experience with the areas of professional activity relevant to the objectives of ICICH. Such members may apply to be an Expert Member, either upon personal application or proposal by a member of the Bureau of ICICH or of the National Committee to which they belong. Membership is dependent on approval by the ICICH Bureau which will also select Expert Members from among applicants.
  • Expert members shall be accepted in unlimited number.
  • National Committees of ICOMOS may designate one Expert Member as its representative on ICICH for a term of three years.  No such representative may serve in such a capacity for more than three consecutive terms.
  • In the event that ICICH considers the designated member to be unsatisfactory, it can appeal before the Scientific Council which will make a recommendation to the Executive Committee concerning that designation. All other issues and decisions shall be voted on by all Expert Members, without limitation.
  • If an Expert Member who serves as the representative of a National Committee does not attend or contribute to three consecutive meetings of ICICH without due cause or should the Bureau for other reasons deem the member to have become inactive it may ask the relevant National Committee to nominate a new representative.
  • Voting at elections of the ICICH Bureau and on amendment of the ICICH statutes will be done by Expert Members designated by their National Committees.

Associate Members:

ICOMOS members engaged in activities relevant to the objectives of ICICH and who wish to gain knowledge and build up expertise in the field through active volunteer work may apply to be an Associate Member of ICICH, either upon personal application or proposal by a member of the Bureau of ICICH or of the National Committee to which they belong, or after an approach to a National Committee to build up expertise in that country. Membership is dependent on approval by the ICICH Bureau which will also select Associate Members from among applicants.

Associate members shall be accepted in unlimited number.  They are conditionally accepted for a period of three years, after which time their contribution to the Committee will be evaluated using a transparent and well-understood methodology to assess their contributions to the Committee.  The Associate Membership shall be:

  • Extended for another similar period of time, with a maximum of three such triennial extensions, or
  • Upgraded to Expert Member, or
  • Rejected on the basis of no participation or unsatisfactory performance.

ICICH will strive to incorporate Associate Members in its work.

Associate Members are accorded no voting rights.

Affiliate Members:

This category provides the flexibility to bring in external expertise and may include:

  • Non-ICOMOS Members who can make an important contribution to ICICH may be invited to participate in committee meetings and activities and will be encouraged to apply for ICOMOS membership and/or
  • Institutional Members – When in the interest of ICOMOS and of ICICH, and at the ICICH’s discretion, the optional category of Institutional Membership may be established by the Bureau according to the Eger-Xi’an principles.

An Institutional member may designate from its staff one person with the required qualifications to be its representative and spokesperson in the Committee. The Committee may accept that individual as an Expert Member.

Honorary Members:

Need not be members of ICOMOS and are appointed by a decision of ICICH in recognition of the services they have rendered to it and/or in recognition of outstanding achievement in the field covered by the objectives of ICICH.  They may be proposed for election by Expert Members of ICICH.  Honorary Members may participate in all activities of the Committee, except elections. Honorary Members may use the title: “Honorary Member, ICICH.”

If you would like to apply for membership of ICICH download the form in your preferred language and submit the filled form along with your Curriculum Vitae by e-mail to the Membership Secretary of ICICH. Forest Corinne,

Download the ICICH Membership Form