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Call for Expressions of Interest – ICOMOS GA International Symposium Co-Chair

ICOMOS General Assembly 2020 – Sydney, Australia

Deadline: 15 February 2019

Expressions of interest are invited for the volunteer position of the International Co-Chair of the Scientific Symposium to be held between 5 and 9 October 2020 as part of the 20th Triennial General Assembly of ICOMOS in Sydney, Australia (GA 2020).

The GA 2020 Scientific Symposium will be overseen by two Co-chairs; one appointed by Australia ICOMOS, Steve Brown, and the other appointed by ICOMOS international. These positions are voluntary and the Co-Chairs are expected to attend the General Assembly and Scientific Symposium in person at own cost (registration, travel, accommodation, etc.). If eligible, financial support for attendance can be sought, for example through the ICOMOS General Assembly Travel Grants programme (but is not guaranteed).

It is intended that the Co-Chairs will be assisted by a small supporting sub-committee, also volunteers, half of which will also be selected following an international ‘Expression of Interest’ process in the first half of 2019.

The theme of GA 2020 Scientific Symposium is ‘shared cultures – shared heritage – shared responsibility’. Within the framework of this overall theme, a range of sessions will be offered covering different subjects, in a variety of formats and of varying lengths. Some sessions may be traditional ‘conference-style’ presentations whereas others may be less formal workshops or facilitated discussions. Building on previous ICOMOS events and responding to the interests of GA 2020 project partners, some sessions – such as the ICOMOS / IUCN ‘Nature-Culture Journey’ and programs that connect selected National Committees of ICOMOS with Sydney’s related multicultural communities – will need to be included, while others will be selected by the Scientific Symposium Co-Chairs and Sub-committee.

A call for expressions of interests will invite proposals for specific sessions and session conveners, papers or other program ‘content’. Selected posters from the Scientific Symposium will be included in a public ‘Heritage Exposition’ to be staged at Sydney’s International Convention Centre during the course of the Scientific Symposium and over the following weekend. The call for sessions, papers and posters for the GA2020 Scientific Symposium is scheduled to take place in the second half of 2019; with the selection announced in late March 2020 following review of all submissions.

The role of the international Co-Chair will include:

1. Liaison with the ICOMOS Scientific Council and Advisory Committee regarding the GA2020 Scientific Symposium; Working collaboratively with the Australian Co-chair to develop the symposium structure and organisation, including calls for sessions and papers, matters relating to timetabling, oversight of assessment of proposals (with the GA2020 Scientific Committee), ensuring geographical representation and development of symposium publications and documents. The responsibilities of the International Co-Chair would commence as soon as possible and be most intensive during 2020, but would continue into 2021 to ensure post-Symposium tasks such as reporting and publication of proceedings;

2. If necessary, on invitation by the GA2020 Organizing Committee (costs covered), attend a planning meeting in Sydney (perhaps in early 2020).

Expressions of interest are encouraged from energetic, experienced and engaged ICOMOS Members who have suitable personal attributes, skills and experience, including: a public profile, appropriate academic credentials, good connections within the cultural heritage sector, experience in conducting similar events and processes, a combination of creative and critical skills, team leadership, demonstrated commitment to inclusiveness, ethical conduct, as well as the necessary time available and energy. Proficiency in French and/or Spanish languages is desired.

Expressions of interest should:

• state the reason why the applicant seeks appointment;
• indicate relevant skills, experience and interest of the applicant;
• indicate commitment to the time available and timeframe required
• include at least one written reference and a one-page summary CV;
• be no more than 4 pages in length (inclusive of the one-page summary CV and reference); and
• be sent by 12:00pm Friday 15 February 2019 to

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ICICH at ICOMOS General Assembly

Thank you to Gabriel Caballero for providing the following photos of ICICH members at the recent 2018 ICOMOS General Assembly and Advisory Committee and Scientific Symposium in Buenos Aires, 4-8 December.

View the ICOMOS-BUE Assembly Website

Access the Assembly’s Working Documents

Read about the Buenos Aires Declaration

ICICH members enjoying a meal at ICOMOS-BUE 2018

Museo de Arquitectura y Diseño

ICICH Annual General Meeting Chair, Angel Cabeza

ICICH Annual General Meeting, Marilyn Truscott

ICICH Annual General Meeting attendees

ICICH Annual General Meeting attendees

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The World Heritage Convention at 40: challenges for the work of ICOMOS

The marking of the 40th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention in 2012 focused debate about its merits, achievements and impacts. It is commonly said that the World Heritage Convention is UNESCO’s ‘flagship program’ and its ‘most successful’ convention. As an Advisory Body to the Convention, World Heritage is a prominent part of the identity, mission and activities of ICOMOS worldwide. This paper describes a number of pressing issues concerning the implementation of the World Heritage Convention, and some of the implications of these for ICOMOS in its role as an Advisory Body, and for its global membership.
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