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CFP: Heritage 2020

HERITAGE 2020 – 7th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development follows the path paved by prior editions of this event. HERITAGE 2020 aims at maintaining a state of the art event regarding the relationships between forms and kinds of heritage and the framework of sustainable development concepts, namely the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The Conference will be held in Coimbra, Portugal, on July 8-10, 2020, in a partnership with the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra. 

HERITAGE 2020 is a peer-reviewed conference.

Abstracts may be submitted under the following topics:

01- Heritage and governance for sustainability
02- Heritage and society
03- Heritage and environment
04- Heritage and economics
05- Heritage and culture
06- Heritage and education for the future
07- Preservation of historic buildings and structures
08- Heritage and cultural tourism
10- Heritage and global warming: a calling for new actions on cultural safeguarding
11- Displaced communities: preserving cultural heritage as part of human rights
12- Special Chapter: Jewish heritage
13- Special Chapter: Academic Heritage

Abstracts are due December 15, 2019.

Learn more on the conference website.

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Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Rebuilding of Jacmel and Haiti Jakmèl kenbe la, se fòs peyi a!

This article aims to show that intangible cultural heritage is an important tool for rebuilding the town of Jacmel, and the whole of Haiti. The authors suggest reinstating the Jacmel Carnival as soon as possible, because it was one of the town’s economic and social drivers before the earthquake. Income from the Carnival and other events could gradually be reinvested in rebuilding tangible heritage. The authors also highlight the creation of an inventory of intangible heritage. This is seen not simply as an archive collection but as a dynamic tool for managing, promoting, transmitting and revitalizing the region’s heritage and society.
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Définir le patrimoine culturel immatériel…une gageure?

In 2004, Bernard Genest and Camille Lapointe published a research paper about the intangible cultural heritage as a social and economical wealth, token of the Quebec Ministery of Culture policy. Françoise Lempereur shows the relevance of this document and analyses it. En 2004, Bernard Genest et Camille Lapointe ont publié un document intitulé “Le patrimoine culturel immatériel. Un capital social et économique”, synthèse des travaux du Groupe de travail sur le patrimoine immatériel réuni à l’initiative du Ministère de la Culture du Québec pour définir la politique à mener en la matière. Françoise Lempereur en montre l’actualité et la pertinence et elle l’analyse d’un point de vue critique.
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