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ICOMOS ISC CL-IFLA: Annual Meeting and Symposium
Jun 17 – Jun 21 all-day
ICOMOS International Scientific Committee Cultural Landscape – IFLA
ICOMOS NC United Kingdom and World Monuments Fund: Conference “Sea Change – Coastal Heritage and Climate Change”
Sep 4 – Sep 6 all-day
World Monuments Fund and ICOMOS-UK The purpose of the conference is to understand the growing impact of climate change on the built heritage of coastal communities around the world and identify how these impacts might be addressed. The conference is focused on built heritage rather than natural heritage or habitats, although it is recognised that there may be elements that overlap between the two. The conference will be aimed at policy makers,heritage bodies, practitioners and academics and will feature a range of speakers from diverse disciplines and professional backgrounds. Official contact: Official website: Attachments: Call for Papers (which includes poster)
ICOMOS ISCs CIAV-ISCEAH: 2019 Conference and CIAV Annual Meeting
Sep 6 – Sep 8 all-day
Organised by Pingyao County People’s Government, International Scientific Committees CIAV (Vernacular Architecture) – ISCEAH (Earthen architectural heritage), ICOMOS National Committee in China and WHITRAP-Shanghai Title of the International Conference: “Vernacular & Earthen Architecture towards Local Development” Support: The Academic Committee of Historical and Cultural City Planning, the Urban Planning Society of China (ACHCCP-UPSC),The Academic Committee of Urban and Rural Built Heritage, the Architectural Society of China (ACURBH-ASC),Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute CO.,LTD. (TJUPDI) Official contact: ShaoYong,, ISCEAH Board member & CIAV member Attachments: See leaflet Official website:
ICOMOS NC Germany: European Heritage Day in Germany
Sep 8 all-day
Organised by a vast network of public and private heritage owners, of institutions, associations and citizen groups has been built up in the last 25 years by the German Foundation of Monument Protection (Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz – DSD) On the European Heritage Day, also known as Day of the Open Monument, numerous monuments which are usually closed to the public open their doors to visitors. In Germany the event takes place on the second weekend of September and for the public???. As in 2019 the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus will be celebrated, this year’s German motto will be in 2019 “Modern (ity): Radical Changes in Art and Architecture” and more than 5000 monuments will be accessible to millions of visitors. Official contact: ICOMOS Germany Official website: Cf. Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz, Schlegelstraße 1, 53113 Bonn |
ISC ICOFORT (Fortification and military heritage): Symposium on the “Conservation of Historic War & Fortification Monuments and Sites”
Sep 27 – Sep 28 all-day
ICOFORT, ICOMOS China and Shenyang Jianzhu University will hold ICOFORT Symposium on the “Conservation of Historic War & Fortification Monuments and Sites” in Shenyang from September 27 to 28, 2019. For more information : Website : Email:
ICOMOS ISC IIWC (Wood): 22nd IIWC International Symposium. Wooden heritage Conservation: beyond disciplines
Sep 30 – Oct 2 all-day
ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Wood Official contact: mikel@lo-arquitectos.comOfficial website to be created
ICOMOS ISC IIWC (Wood): 1st IIWC Course on Wooden Heritage Conservation
Oct 3 – Oct 5 all-day
ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Wood Official contact: Official website to be created
ICOMOS Advisory Committee, Scientific Symposium and Annual General Assembly
Oct 14 – Oct 18 all-day
Organised by ICOMOS Morocco
ICOMOS ISC SBH (Shared built heritage): Study Trip
Oct 20 – Oct 31 all-day
The next project will be a Study Tour with meetings and workshops in Maroc in connection with the Annual General Assembly in Marrakesch 12-20 Oct. 2019. After a thorough consultation of the National Committee of ICOMOS Marroco, two of our members who have worked in the region, Dr. Ai Tee Goh (ICOMOS Malaysia) and Dr. Romeo Carabelli (ICOMOS France and Italy) kindly agreed to organize a study trip on “Shared Built Heritage Management” with many encounters between local colleagues and stakeholders along with ICOMOS Marroco. Encounters and discussions are requested from NGOs, Associations, Journalists, Urban Planning Offices, Heritage Consultants, Universities and ICOMOS colleagues. The tour will start in Marrakesh and ends in Mellila, from where one could catch a flight to Malaga or Madrid, Spain, to Marrakesh or Fes, or a Ferry to Malaga, Spain. Transportation in the country will be with public transportation (Busses, Train and High Speed Train, Cars) In order to make it possible for you to reserve the time and to promote a rich participation, we present you a draft for the study trip. So far, in addition to the two organizers, 6 colleagues have already expressed their interest. A total of 20 person would be fine. Immediately after the conclusion of the Annual General Assembly the tour will start on Oct.20th and will end on Oct.31st2019. See newsletter attached for more information (page 3 to 6). Contact : Prof. Dr. Siegfried RCT Enders, ICOMOS SBH President
ICOMOS NC Germany: International Conference of ICOMOS and the City of Munich: “The Heritage of the Modern Olympic Games. Historic Sports Facilities between Conservation and Conversion”
Nov 7 – Nov 8 all-day
Conference to be held by ICOMOS Germany and the City of Munich in November 2019 in cooperation with the Bavarian Heritage Conservation Authority and the Deutsche Akademie für Städtebau und Landesplanung (DASL). Using the example of the modern Olympic Summer Games, the event aims to analyse the role of sport in the modern society of the 20th century and explore and discuss the conservation chances and conflicts of Olympic Summer Game sites in a European and worldwide context. For more information, find call for papers attached. Contact: