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ICOMOS Webinar Series | ISCARSAH
Oct 23 all-day

ISCARSAH Webinar: A Technical Response to Disaster in the Time of COVID Part 2

Disasters can be categorized in numerous ways: the origin of the forces (wind, fire, earthquake and/or flood) whether they are Natural or Manmade (war, terrorism, poor land use, global climate change); or their impact (physical versus economic and/or societal such as the present COVID pandemic). 

The International Scientific Council on the Analysis and Restoration of Structures of Architectural Heritage (ISCARSAH) presents a webinar and Roundtable discussion on the technical response to such disasters in the framework of COVID with targeted presentations and a moderated discussion. 

2 pm – 4 pm CET

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ICOMOS Webinar Series | ICAHM
Oct 25 all-day

ICOMOS Webinar Series | ICAHM Online Lecture Series
Lecture 1: Authenticity 1

As part of an ongoing internal conversation and in line with the ICOMOS Journeys to Authenticity project, ICAHM is interested in exploring the matter of “authenticity” in relation to archaeological heritage and archaeologica lheritage management.

In this first webinar, ICAHM will explore the understanding of authenticity in different regional and cultural contexts, and it will look more closely at how authenticity is applied in the management of archaeological sites worldwide.

noon-2pm GMT
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ICOMOS 2020 Scientific Council Meeting 2: Statutory Matters
Oct 26 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Réunion du Conseil scientifique 2 : Questions statutaires For more information / Pour plus d’information :
ICOMOS Webinar Series | ICOMOS India
Oct 31 all-day

ICOMOS Webinar Series | ICOMOS India
“Crafts Communities in India; Lessons of resilience in context of disasters and pandemics (a historic perspective)”

India is known for its diverse crafts and their relationships with the tangible and intangible heritage of the country. Artisan communities, who are at the core of the creative processes of production of crafts, are often marginalised in the social hierarchies and end up as most vulnerable in situations of distress. 

While production of artefact, as valued to be heritage, may or may not have been a source of livelihood for communities, disasters and pandemics have historically forced them to abandon them to take up other vocations/ occupations, sometimes at the risk of losing the knowledge of producing a craft. 
In many situations, these communities have reoriented themselves in producing artefacts, albeit in a much modified context, with altered relationships to resources and markets. 

This webinar presents four case studies from different parts of the country with a historic perspective of crafts communities and the lessons of resilience that are embedded in their response to such situations. The webinar brings together individuals who have led movements of crafts revival in their respective regions.

4:30 -6:30pm IST

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ICOMOS 2020 Advisory Committee Meeting 2: Statutory Matters
Nov 3 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Conseil consultatif 2 : Questions statutaires For more information / Pour plus d’informations :
ICOMOS France | Intervenir sur le bâti en bois du patrimoine
Nov 4 – Nov 6 all-day

“Intervenir sur le bâti en bois du patrimoine : méthodes d’hier à aujourd’hui”

Colloque organisé par ICOMOS France en partenariat avec la SFIIC et le LRMH 

Le programme est disponible ci-dessous en téléchargement. 

Une publication scientifique disponible en fin d’année 2020/ début 2021 rassemblera l’ensemble des interventions qui vous seront présentées. 

Compte tenu de la situation sanitaire actuelle et des restrictions réglementaires relatives au rassemblement de personnes, ce colloque vous est proposé en visio conférence sur ZOOM.   

Le tarif de participation à l’événement est fixé à 70 euros (60 € pour les membres ICOMOS et SFIIC). Il comprend le pré-achat de la publication ainsi que les liens de connexion pour assister en direct aux différentes présentations plénières et ateliers ainsi qu’aux débats qui s’en suivront.   

Inscription obligatoire

ICOMOS NC Germany: Conference “Archaelogical World Heritage Sites – cross-boarder conservation, communication and cooperation”
Nov 5 – Nov 6 all-day
Transnational World Heritage sites and the management of colonialheritage (shared archaeological heritage) can serve as models for cooperations.With this in mind in particular, a Europe-wide exchange with national andinternational organisations is to be sought and developed. Organisers: ICOMOS Germany, German Archaeological Institute (DAI), the Association of regional State Archaeologists(Verband der Landesarchäologen) in the Federal Republic of Germany, EAA(European Association of Archaeologists), ICAHM (International Comittee onArchaeological Heritage Management. Sponsored by the Federal GovernmentCommissioner for Culture and the Media
ICOMOS “Our Common Dignity Initiative” x ICOMOS Brazil online workshop
Nov 9 – Nov 13 all-day

Human rights and heritage management online workshop
Our Common Dignity Initiative x ICOMOS Brazil

Our Common Dignity Initiative, together with ICOMOS Brazil, are looking forward to offering a week-long workshop on Human Rights and Heritage Management where we focus on what can be considered the two most difficult aspects of human rights theory: 

  1. how do we understand “culture” and
  2. how can we deal with the fact that some rights are group-based or collective and others are individual? How can we balance conflicts between the rights of different communities?

To submit your application, you must submit a summary in which you address a specific issue or problem in your own work that seems to involve human rights and which you suspect can be better managed or resolved by being more human rights conscious. How has it been addressed historically and what is the current management approach? 

Send your short report to by 30 October 2020. Summaries related to the workshop proposal will be selected. 

The workshop will be held in Spanish from 9am to 5pm (-3 UTC), in online format. There is a limit of 25 participants. The target audience is researchers, professionals and managers of cultural heritage. The online format allows the admission of applicants from anywhere.

9 November – 13 November
9am – 5pm (-3 UTC)
ICOMOS Webinar Series | ICOMOS Nigeria
Nov 13 all-day
ICOMOS Webinar Series | ICOMOS Nigeria
Landscape, Knowledge and Sense of Place: What Does Indigeneity Mean in the African Context

The theorising of African indigeneity in and of itself is challenging by virtue of the dominance of postmodern politics as an acceptable approach for Africans who are often seen as not Indigenous enough. The tensions become even more intense when the focus is diasporic or enslaved descendants; does these context render African indigeneity impossible or, simply non-existent? 

Possible questions to be addressed: What does it mean to be indigenous as an African ; Does the word “Indigeneity” the word Africans want to use? ; Is intrinsic culture carried in our beings due to forceful removals from our lands? Will tangible and intangible aspects of African indigeneity mean the built environment, sites, personal and symbolic meanings of regions or kinships within African cultural landscapes? Or is there more to it ; Do we reclaim Pan Africanism as a collective?

More information coming soon.
ICOMOS Webinar Series | ICAHM
Nov 15 all-day
ICOMOS Webinar Series | ICAHM Online Lecture Series
Lecture 2: Sustainable use and tourism

The sustainable use of archaeological places is a key issue. While the protection of archaeological places and their value is of great importance, there is also the need to cooperate with local actors in developing sustainable strategies for the use of archaeological resources as a mean to local sustainable development.
Among the many possible uses of these places, tourism is one of the activities that can have a more drastic impact in the management of heritage places, both positively and negatively.

noon-2pm GMT
More information coming soon