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Offer your paper: ICICH Colloquium, ICOMOS Advisory Committee meeting

 14 October, Marrakech, Morocco

Are you coming to the ICOMOS Advisory Committee in Marrakech, Morocco, from 12-18 October this year? See for details…

If so, we invite you as an ICICH member to offer a paper for a mini-colloquium (2 hours) we are holding in the evening of 14 October after our short Annual General Meeting.

The topic for the AdCom Symposium is Rural Heritage – Landscapes and Beyond, being on 17 October, with diverse papers related to many aspects of ICOMOS mulit-disciplinary expertise. Therefore our ICH focus at our colloquium is Rural Landscapes: Sustaining Intangible Cultural Heritage with Change? 

We seek papers that address this topic, for example:

Change is a constant, including in rural landscapes, whether from new technologies for food production, increase population diversiiy, or climate change. Come and share your story of change at a rural landscape and how the community/ies’ intangible cultural heritage has been retained, maintained, and sustained.

If you wish to offer a paper, please contact Marilyn Truscott <> with your offer with an abstract of 200 words by 15 July, and a short bionote of 100 words, with thanks. She is happy to receive it in English, French or Spanish, and yes presentations are also welcome in Arabic, and we will have an interpreter available. 

The deadline for offers of papers is 12 July, so that we can assess the offers and send you a reply by 19 July. Please note that if you are not currently planning to come to the meeting and we accept your offer, and you decide to come, the deadline for early registration payment is 31 July!

With thanks, and we welcome your input on this topic, and are looking to have our colloquium streamed online for all our members.