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Marking four decades of World Heritage – The view from Australia

Author: Harrington, Jane and Kristal Buckley
Date: 2014

Harrington, Jane and Kristal Buckley. 2014. Marking four decades of World Heritage – The view from Australia. Historic Environment 26(2): pp. 16-23.

The celebration of the milestone of the fortieth year since the adoption by UNESCO of the World Heritage Convention provided a global stimulus for reflection that included activities in Australia. Four decades of experience of implementing the idealistic and international notions that underpin the Convention had demonstrated the distinctiveness of the potential contributions from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. With that in mind, the starting premise of this volume of Historic Environment has been to provide a snapshot of the experiences of World Heritage in Australia – essentially the view from ‘here’, and a specifically oriented view based on the experiences and priorities of cultural heritage practice.

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