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Built heritage and intangible heritage in historical urban landscapes

Author: S.-A. Peleg
Date: 2019
S.-A. Peleg, “Built heritage and intangible heritage in historical urban landscapes” in Sharing Cultures 2019 Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Intangible Heritage. 2019. Lira, Sérgio, Cristina Pinheiro, Rogério Amoêda, Alison McCleery & Alistair McCleery (eds.)  Guimarães, Portugal: Green Lines Institute.

ABSTRACT: The goal of this paper is to suggest that unique heritage values of Historical Urban Landscapes combine both built heritage and intangible heritage values. These include the physical urban spaces, cultural properties of architectural, aesthetic, historical as well as cultural characteristics of the population living within them. This paper presents examples of intangible heritage in Historical Urban Landscapes in Israel and shows that this links the residents to their city, gives special meanings to their life, a unique local identity and a diverse collective memory. Successful scientific research methods, documentation and safeguarding procedures for these values are still developing. Recognition of this heritage has the power to join national development organizations and the local communities. Proper and careful management of these aspects can develop new sources of income for residents and integrate them into new industries in their city.