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The Subtle Power of Intangible Heritage

Author: Deacon, Harriet with Luvuyo Dondolo, Mbulelo Mrubata and Sandra Prosalendis
Date: 2004

Deacon H.J., L. Dondolo, M. Mrubata, S. Prosalendis and workshop participants. 2004. The Subtle Power of Intangible Heritage: legal and financial instruments for safeguarding intangible heritage. Human Sciences Research Council: Cape Town.

Cultural policy can contribute to social and economic development by growing our cultural capital, promoting local identity and promoting global cultural diversity. Tangible and intangible heritage forms a crucial part of this cultural capital and needs to be safeguarded. At the International Network on Cultural Policy (INCP-RIPC) meeting in Cape Town in October 2002, member states decided to adopt and to implement national policies to protect and promote cultural heritage. South Africa and Senegal agreed to write a research report analysing the legal and financial instruments currently employed by countries and regions to safeguard their intangible heritage.

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