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ICOMOS NC Germany: German UNESCO World Heritage Day

Organised by ICOMOS Germany, German UNESCO Commission; Landesdenkmalamt Berlin, Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation The German World Heritage Day has been organised annually since 2005 to draw public attention to the more than 40 World Heritage Sites in Germany and to promote public interest in UNESCO World Heritage. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the inscription of the Berlin Museum Island in the World Heritage List in 1999 the German capital will play a main role in the event. Contact: ICOMOS Germany Website:
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VERNADOC: International Camp of Vernacular Architecture Documentation

Circulated at the request of ICOMOS International Scientific Committee CIAV (Vernacular Architecture) Organisers: Escola Superior Gallaecia and Municipality of Paredes de Coura They will be documenting Community threshing floor and their granaries, located in the picturesque village of Porreiras, in Coura Valley region. In addition to the survey and documentation sessions, there will also be held thematic visits to vernacular heritage sites and contemporary Portuguese architecture. Official contact: Gilberto Carlos the director of the Architecture Master course is coordinating it.: Official website: Attachments: Poster / leaflet
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ICOMOS ISCs CIAV-ISCEAH: 2019 Conference and CIAV Annual Meeting

Organised by Pingyao County People’s Government, International Scientific Committees CIAV (Vernacular Architecture) – ISCEAH (Earthen architectural heritage), ICOMOS National Committee in China and WHITRAP-Shanghai Title of the International Conference: “Vernacular & Earthen Architecture towards Local Development” Support: The Academic Committee of Historical and Cultural City Planning, the Urban Planning Society of China (ACHCCP-UPSC),The Academic Committee of Urban and Rural Built Heritage, the Architectural Society of China (ACURBH-ASC),Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute CO.,LTD. (TJUPDI) Official contact: ShaoYong,, ISCEAH Board member & CIAV member Attachments: See leaflet Official website:
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ICOMOS ISCs THEOPHIL and PRERICO: International conference “Religion and Pilgrimage sites –Conservation challenges”

ICOMOS International Scientific Committees for Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration (THEOPHIL) and on Places of Religion and Ritual (PRERICO) with • Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco-Life Beyond Tourism ‘Places of religion and pilgrimage’ are sites with specifically high sensitivity, carrying tangible as well as high non-tangible significance. Some are still in use for religious practices, while others are archaeological ruins or places no longer used for their original function. In some religions they still have religious significance, in others they do not, but continue to carry religious importance. Some of these sites are mainly places of memory, where structural significance is of secondary importance, many others have buildings which meet several criteria of historical, architectural, social and other significance. Many important sites of religious meaning serve regularly as places of religion and ritual, to some there is regular pilgrimage, yet many are at the same time tourism attractions Very few active religious sites are managed by cultural heritage authorities – most are managed by religious authorities. All the above issues make sites of religious and ritual significance a specific category, with big challenges to the conservation community. Both scientific committees, TheoPhilos and PRERICO have never discussed these issues and the coming conference is the first opportunity for both. Three different areas need to be discussed for theoretical and practical purposes: • Definition of the religious and Pilgrimage sites, from the perspective of heritage protection – is it a category worth specific ethics, rules and consideration? Does it require different conservation considerations and Practices? • Specific theoretical and practical challenges facing the conservation and users communities regarding religious and pilgrimage sites. • Tourism to religious and Pilgrimage sites – conflicts of functions, respecting the different uses and users. Conservators’ challenges Official contact: Simone Giometti (Secretary General Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco) Official website:
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ICOMOS NC United Kingdom and World Monuments Fund: Conference “Sea Change – Coastal Heritage and Climate Change”

World Monuments Fund and ICOMOS-UK The purpose of the conference is to understand the growing impact of climate change on the built heritage of coastal communities around the world and identify how these impacts might be addressed. The conference is focused on built heritage rather than natural heritage or habitats, although it is recognised that there may be elements that overlap between the two. The conference will be aimed at policy makers,heritage bodies, practitioners and academics and will feature a range of speakers from diverse disciplines and professional backgrounds. Official contact: Official website: Attachments: Call for Papers (which includes poster)
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ICOMOS NC United Kingdom: Intangible Cultural Heritage conference: “Passing on Our Cultural Traditions to Future Generations”

ICOMOS UK with Arts Council England This second ICOMOS-UK Intangible Cultural Heritage conference, building on the success of the first one (held in 2014), is a response to the need for more information on safeguarding cultural traditions. It has also been informed by an Arts Council supported project implemented in 2016/17 by the Committee on “Exploring Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Museum Contexts”, and by the report’s outcomes and findings published in October 2018.The Conference will be a platform to explore how practicing communities, civil society, arts and heritage organisations can help to promote and pass on our customs and cultural traditions to next generations. Official contact: Official website: Attachments: Registration Form (which includes programme and press release)
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ICOMOS NC Germany: International Conference of ICOMOS and the City of Munich: “The Heritage of the Modern Olympic Games. Historic Sports Facilities between Conservation and Conversion”

Conference to be held by ICOMOS Germany and the City of Munich in November 2019 in cooperation with the Bavarian Heritage Conservation Authority and the Deutsche Akademie für Städtebau und Landesplanung (DASL). Using the example of the modern Olympic Summer Games, the event aims to analyse the role of sport in the modern society of the 20th century and explore and discuss the conservation chances and conflicts of Olympic Summer Game sites in a European and worldwide context. For more information, find call for papers attached. Contact:
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