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Call for Papers: Living the Cultural Routes – CIIC 2020

Scientific Meeting of the ICOMOS International Committee on Cultural Routes
10 – 17 February 2020 in Chihuahua, Mexico

Today, the consideration of the sense of heritage entails the idea of transversality and transmission to the new generations. For this reason, the CIIC has considered that on this occasion and having celebrated twenty-five years of uninterrupted work, the Scientific Meeting corresponding to 2020 is named “Living the Cultural Routes”, which will open the doors of the CIIC to ICOMOS Professionals and Emerging Professionals around the world, in order to show the meaning and importance of this category of heritage and distinguish new talents whose affinity makes them close to this research topic.

ICOMOS members are invited to submit the presentation abstracts by Friday, August 16, 2019

Download the entire call below:

Convocatoria Encuentro CIIC 2020 – inglés

Convocatoria Encuentro CIIC 2020 – francés

Convocatoria Encuentro CIIC 2020 – español