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ICOMOS Webinar Series | EPWG+CCHWG

18 July 2020 all-day

ICOMOS Webinar Series | EPWG+CCHWG Seminar “Heritage and Climate Change”

This webinar will feature speakers who are contributing to the efforts of the ICOMOS Climate Change and Heritage Working Group (CCHWG) and Climate Heritage Network (CHN), and will form part of the ongoing ICOMOS Webinar Series.

Across the globe, communities are transforming to address the causes and impacts of climate change. How can heritage help? What does the practice of cultural heritage look like when it’s part of the solution? This program explores these questions through the work of three colleagues on the frontlines of climate action, in Puerto Rico, Thailand, Fiji, and beyond to demonstrate how cultural heritage can drive and enable climate action.


  • Asst. Prof. Dr Witiya Pittungnapoo, Faculty of Architecture, Naresuan University (Phitsanulok, Thailand). PI of the Global Partnership Project on Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for Cultural Heritage Preservation: Sukhothai and Si Chatchanalai Parks. A Co-focal Point of Sukhothai UCCN for Crafts and Folk Art
  • Elia Nakoro, Manager Archaeology & Gazetting, Fiji Museum
  • Dr Isabel Rivera-Collazo, Department of Anthropology, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego
  • moderated by Andrew Potts and EPWG