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Understanding Heritage: Perspectives in Heritage Studies

Author: Albert, Marie-Theres, Roland Bernecker, and Britta Rudolff
Date: 2013

Albert, Marie-Theres, Roland Bernecker, and Britta Rudolff (eds.). 2013. Understanding Heritage: Perspectives in Heritage Studies. De Gruyter.

The publication is the first in a new series on existing and innovative paradigms in Heritage Studies. The series aims at systematising and developing the academic discourse on heritage, which has yielded a wealth and breadth of contributions over the past few years. The publication offers its own emphasis by developing heritage studies with a perspective towards and as a contribution to human development. It thus offers a vision for the construction and establishment of a new discipline. The academic mainsprings and research interests of this repositioning of heritage studies as an academic discipline are discussed by internationally renowned thinkers and heritage practitioners. The publication thus establishes first important points for discussion. Central to this publication are questions concerning the sustainable protection and use of heritage, focussing on the world cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage, but equally questions on the relation of heritage and memory and how these could mutually enrich our understanding of heritage.

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