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ICICH Involvement at the 2019 ICOMOS Advisory Committee

ICOMOS Morocco hosted the 2019 ICOMOS Annual General Assembly, Advisory Committee Meeting & Scientific Symposium 12-18 October. ICICH was well represented at the meeting, whose theme was  “Rural Heritage-Landscapes and beyond”

The full programme and details about the meeting are still available online.  The following three presentations by ICICH members are available for download below:



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UNESCO ICH 2019 Report from Bogotá

In 2019, the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage met from 9 to 14 December 2019, in Bogotá, in Colombia. 

Many new elements were inscribed on the lists; five elements on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding, thirty-five on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, two elements were selected as programmes, projects and activities that best reflect the principles and objectives of the Convention, and finally two International Assistance requests were granted.

The Committee took historic decisions. For the first time since the creation of the 2003 Convention, an element was removed from the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity because it no longer complied with Article 2 of the Convention.

Read more at the links below.

Download the Summary Report

Access the full details and all documents of the meeting online 


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CFP: atelier DAHLIA en conjonction avec la conférence EGC

L’atelier DAHLIA, à sa deuxième édition, est organisé par le groupe de travail DAHLIA qui est soutenu par l’Association EGC et il a pour objectif de permettre à la communauté cartographiée dans le cadre du groupe de travail de se retrouver, mais aussi de donner la parole aux étudiants en thèse afin d’exposer leurs thématiques. Dans le cadre de cet atelier, des travaux autours des humanités numériques et du patrimoine culturel seront présentés ; ces travaux devraient s’encadrer dans les thématiques d’EGC, notamment la gestion et l’analyse de données ou des connaissances provenant des SHS/patrimoine.

Les thèmes de l’atelier sont les suivants :

  • acquisition de données lors d’un processus d’étude et d’analyse du domaine SHS et du cas d’étude précis en collaboration étroite avec les experts du domaine ;
  • acquisition et analyse de connaissances métier/expert SHS concernant les processus/tâches ;
  • intéroperabilité des données provenant de plusieurs sources SHS ;
  • extraction des connaissances à partir des données SHS : fouille, apprentissage ;
  • annotation sémantique de données du patrimoine ;
  • restitution par visualisation de données (principalement du patrimoine) en vue de compréhension, analyse, etc. ;
  • visualisation d’œuvres, immeubles, etc. en 2D/3D ;
  • extraction et analyse des interactions du public lors des événements culturels ;
  • étude des processus de diffusion des informations dans les réseaux sociaux.

dates prévisionnelles:

  • Date limite de soumission des articles : 03/12/2019
  • Notification aux auteurs : 18/12/2019
  • Version finale : 08/01/2020

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Register for the 2019 World Forum for ICH

The 2019 World Forum for Intangible Cultural Heritage will be held from 10 to 12 October at the National Intangible Heritage Center (NIHC) in Jeonju, Republic of Korea. The forum is hosted by ICHCAP and organized by the NIHC.

The NIHC has organized the forum since 2017 to shape global discourse on the transmission and use of ICH. The third edition of the forum will bring together experts from sixteen countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, and the Americas. The participants will examine the value of ICH for humanity and contemporary civic life, explore the positive role ICH plays in enriching civic life through learning and enjoyment and resolving social conflicts, and share their experiences.

View the program

Register here

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Registration open: Living Heritage in the Nordic Countries

International Conference on the Role of Communities and the Possibility for New Sustainable Societies  – Registration Deadline: Oct 9

Living heritage is a timely topic gaining awareness all over the world. In the era of global crises, where political instability, cultural alienation as well as political, religious and ideological extremism continue gaining validity, the seminar aims to tackle issues of sustainable development, social cohesion and cultural diversity within a context of cross-sectorial expertise.

The UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage has already been ratified by 178 countries that shows the willingness to act together for the safeguarding of living heritage. All the Nordic countries have ratified the Convention and cooperation across borders flourishes actively on versatile levels.

Now for the first time Nordic actors will gather together for a conference in Finland to discuss about safeguarding, joint projects and sharing good practices. As urged by the Faro Convention, the conference gives special focus on the role of communities and NGO’s.

The conference will consist of keynotes from all Nordic countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, including Greenland, Faroe Islands and Åland as well as from the Baltic countries. The presentations will highlight experiences in different fields of intangible heritage: performing arts, crafts, oral heritage, nature and social events. Several workshops will be held to give the participants room to interact with each other, learn together and to promote Nordic cooperation.

The conference is free of charge. The programme is targeted at anyone and everyone working with intangible heritage: practitioners, NGO’s, civil servants, researchers, museums professionals, etc.  The seminar language is English.

The seminar is organized by the Finnish Heritage Agency in co-operation with the Ministry of Education and Culture, Hanaholmen Cultural Centre, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the Finnish National Commission for UNESCO and the Royal Norwegian Embassy.

After the two-day conference the Arts Promotion Centre Finland facilitates a World Saving Clinic with the conference participants. Believing in the power of co-creation, the World Saving Clinic aims to empower experts in a new, bold future-oriented role.

View the full programme here

Register here

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ICICH Represented at Seminar on Digital Documentation in Korea

Three members of ICOMOS-ICICH participated in an international seminar, entitled “Protecting the Past for the Future: Digital Documentation as One of the Imperative Tools for Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage,” on 20 July 2019 at the National Museum of Korea in Seoul.

The morning session, which focused on new methodologies supporting the documentation of ICH through the application of new technologies included:

  • Community-based Inventories of ICH “Ecosystems” Using Photovoice and Arches, Angela M. Labrador
  • When Intangible Cultural Heritage becomes digital, Athanasios K. Moysiadis

  • Social Media a tool for documenting and knowledge transfer of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Monalisa Maharjan

Read about their presentations here.

Watch the video of the seminar here.

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ICOMOS-ICICH Represented at International Conference: Water as Heritage

ICOMOS-ICICH President, Hee Sook Lee-Niinioja, and Sergio Ribeiro, CIRAT Brazil, co-organized and chaired a session on “Worldviews on Water” at the Water as Heritage Conference in Taiwan, May 27 – May 31, 2019.

Download the entire program here.

Read the abstracts for the following presentations by clicking here:

  • Water: A Divine Gift from Allah to his People in the Islamic Religion and Environments, Hee Sook Lee-Niinioja, PhD, Independent Scholar-Helsinki; ICOMOS-ICICH
  • Water in its context of ecological and socio-cultural systems – opportunities in heritage policy, practice and research, from the Ramsar Convention to contemporary artists (and beyond), Dave Pritchard, Coordinator, Ramsar Culture Network
  • Worshipping Sacred Natural Sites as Heritage System of Safeguarding and Sustainable Use of Water Sources and Resources in Mongolia, Dr Professor Urtnasan Norov, President of Mongolian National Committee for ICOMOS
  • Indigenous World View: Water Ethics and Heritage, Mona Polacca, MSW, International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers; Indigenous World Forum on Water and Peace, Co-Secretariat

Images of the event

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Protegiendo lo inmaterial 17 y 18 de septiembre 2019

The Conference “Protecting the immaterial: conferences on Intangible Cultural Heritage and Intellectual Property” will be held at the Museum of Navarra (Pamplona – Spain) on September 17 and 18. The conference is intended to be a meeting between professionals dedicated to the Intangible Cultural Heritage and people expert in Intellectual Property to analyze, debate and elaborate a decalogue of good practices on the adequate legal protection of these issues.

View the conference program (in Spanish)

Register for the conference

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Time to apply for Heritage in Progress 2019

In September 2019, the first ever Heritage in Progress Conference (HIP) takes place in Gothenburg.

The theme of the conference is intercultural dialogue and how cultural heritage can be used as a potential tool to engage local communities and be a driving force for social sustainability.

Our ambition is to provide an intriguing conference with exciting guest speakers, dynamic workshops and an excursion to Tanum World Heritage Site and the unique rock carvings.

A diverse and dynamic program

During the conference we will take part of best practice examples, creative development and innovative ways to use our cultural heritage to amplify intercultural dialogue. We will hear from guest speakers from the Altamira World Heritage Site in Spain, The Derby Silk Mill – Museum of Making in England, challenges and successes from Laponia World Heritage in the North of Sweden, the archaeological site of Çatalhöyük in Turkey and much more.

You will also meet the World Heritage WatchBridging Ages and Unesco whom will share their perspectives on inclusion and engagement. We will also highlight the concept of Culture Labs and community-building in digital media. The program also includes a field trip to Tanum World Heritage and its unique bronze age petroglyphs.

It’s all about engagement, inspiration and sustainability

Heritage in Progress is a conference on how we can use cultural heritage sites as a catalyst and create an arena where the owners of the cultural heritage site, namely us humans, can meet and exchange ideas and use the heritage in an active way. This is highly visible if you take a look at the program for our three days together. There are a lot of focus on engaging people through exiting methods such as time travels and other tools to gain new ground and make the cultural heritage sites flourish with the help of the people living at or near the sites. I think all cultural institutions can gain from this conference program in one way or another.  

Welcome to Heritage in Progress, 11-13 September in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Contact: Johan Gustafsson, project manager
Phone: +46 (0)72 450 42 94

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2018 Living Heritage Conference Report

The final report of the 2018 Living Heritage Conference is available for download (in French). The conference celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Conseil québécois du patrimoine vivant and attracted over 250 attendees. The report outlines the discussions of the various thematic working groups on elements of intangible heritage in Canada as well as reflections on the use of the Global Result Framework of the 2003 Convention. 

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